Okay — 10 Reasons It’s Time To Stop Saying Older Women Are “Invisible”.

Monica D Drake
11 min readMar 24, 2022
One Storyline for “Older” Actresses, Summed Up In a Single Frame

Testing, testing…1…2…3…Is this mic on? Am I…here?

In 2015, Reuters printed the decisive headline: “It’s Official! Many Women Become Invisible After 49”.

It all sounded so exciting!

A previous New York Times headline, back in 1981, shouted with equal conviction, “Older Women: No Longer ‘Invisible’”!

Wow. Trends come and go in haircuts, jeans, hemlines, eyeglasses and…the refraction and dispersion of lightwaves as they cross the boundaries of aging women’s corporeal materiality, apparently. Astounding.

The New York Times article is over forty years old, old enough to begin its own walk into a distant vanishing point, yet the conversation hasn’t gone away. In a lovely, recent fashion interview, two women discuss “…How to Stay True to Yourself and Not Become Invisible.” Nothing wrong with that! Godspeed. Another piece offer tips for combating “Invisible Woman Syndrome.”

Women over fifty, like me, are “becoming invisible,” or “feel invisible” or are “no longer invisible.” The internet is rich with articles by and about women who mourn the sense that they’re sinking into invisibility, who actively embrace the newfound “freedom” brought on with invisibility, or who fight off the inevitable, raging into…



Monica D Drake

Monica Drake is the author of the novels, Clown Girl and The Stud Book, and the linked story collection, The Folly of Loving Life.